FRIENDS - Chat Talk Meet

Talk to People from around the world or locally. Free chat and meet application.

■ Friends is the App that shows you find people by choosing country and location. At present we have listed 14 countries with more than 200 cities
■ Talk to people in your local area or across the states in your home country.
■ Traveling to somewhere and want to make friends before you go, Friends App allows you to change your location and search people from a specific state.
■ Add nice backgrounds, images to your profile.
■ Real time update of chat backgrounds on 1:1 chats
■ Send questions and answer within the Chat window
■ Easy to add and block people
■ Optionally you can make your private won't show up in search. Your Footprints are not notified to other users anyways.
■ We focus on Facebook login and try to do a good job with filtering fake profiles
■ Two different app themes and many themes to customize your profile and chats